Opportunity for AOD, mental health and homelessness managers and practitioners

  10 February 2020  Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) provides funding to the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA) to explore the potential to improve cross-sector collaboration across the NWMPHN region.

In November 2019, VAADA brought together people from the AOD, mental health and homelessness sectors in the north west for an event called Beyond Barriers: Visions of Meaningful Collaboration. This event provided an opportunity to explore our interconnected work; reflecting on shared themes and shared intentions, as we envisioned what was possible in terms of truly person-centred care. The key themes were connection, empathy, collaboration and hope. This vision is captured in the image below.

Following on from this event, and to support this new vision, we are again bringing people together to encourage a move Beyond Barriers, and towards Boundary Spanners. This evolution will be achieved through participation in reflective learning circles facilitated by a lived experience peer workforce and guided by themes of connection, perspective, reciprocity and possibility. The aim of Boundary Spanners is to support the application of these interconnected themes into practice and to deepen collective awareness, skills and action to deliver empathy-based, person-centred care.

VAADA is currently accepting expressions of interest for participation in Boundary Spanners. This invitation is open to both managers and practitioners from AOD, mental health and homelessness services based in the NWMPHN region. Expression close on Friday, 14 February 2020.

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Naomi Carter
Project Officer – Workforce Development and Stakeholder Engagement
Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association
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