The North West Melbourne Pharmacotherapy Network provides support for General Practitioners to manage opioid dependence in the community.

The North West Melbourne Pharmacotherapy Network has been established to support general practitioners (GPs), pharmacists and health professionals prevent and manage patients with an opioid dependence in the community.

Supporting GPs

The Network supports GPs by:

  • providing up to date information regarding safe prescribing of high risk medications, guidelines and relevant training opportunities
  • facilitating professional mentoring and clinical placements with an experienced GP in prescribing Medication-Assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependence (MATOD), also known as pharmacotherapy.
  • providing resources and support for practice staff
  • promoting client pathways to treatment and to access Addiction Medicine Specialists for complex opioid dependent patients, and
  • working to reduce stigma associated with alcohol and other drug dependence in general practice


GP Mentoring and Clinical Placements

Expert advice and the opportunity to undertake a clinical placement with an experienced MATOD prescriber is available for GPs who complete Module 1 ‘Safer Opioid Prescribing in General Practice’.
Please email Dr Fran Bramwell for more information.


Secondary Consultation

Dr Ray Chan, Addiction Medicine Specialist, is available on Mondays to provide GPs a secondary consultation service to assist with assessment, diagnosis, and management plans documenting best practice interventions
Please email Carol Munro for more information.



The Network promotes training for GPs to safely prescribe opioids and prescribe Buprenorphine and Methadone. Training is provided by the RACGP.

Module 1 - Safer Opioid Prescribing in General Practice:
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Module 2 - Prescribing Buprenorphine and Methadone:
Interactive skills based workshop. All day session.
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