Improving mental health and emotional wellbeing in our region is one of the seven strategic objectives that guide our organisation.

With one in five people experiencing a mental health condition each year, mental health touches all of us, and requires a coordinated and flexible response from health organisations.

This update provides a snapshot of some of our mental health funding for the last year, showing the diversity of providers and services that are helping us make mental health better in our region, every day in every way.

Top 10 funded mental health agencies (by contract value)

Of $15,069,166 of commissioned mental health services for our region in the 2017-18 financial year, $9,501,500 was commissioned to the following 10 agencies. In total 80,000 services were delivered to people in our region in this period through our mental health commissioning.



Commissioned activities of the top three funded agencies


Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, is a leading research and knowledge translation organisation focusing on mental ill-health in young people.


Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS)

YSAS is a leading youth health not-for-profit agency that enables young people experiencing serious disadvantage to access the resources and support they require to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.



Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS)

VAHS was established in 1973 to address the specific medical needs of Victorian indigenous communities. The organisation has expanded steadily over past 40 years to provide a comprehensive range of medical, dental and social services for the community.



Total funding for mental health commissioned (by financial year, from 2015-2019)



Funding by target population (from top 10 funded agencies)



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Report compiled 27 November 2018.