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Place-based suicide intervention

Place-based suicide intervention is aimed at regions with higher-than-average or accelerating rates of suicide and self-harm.

Place-based suicide prevention trial in Melton and Brimbank
Take a look inside the place-based suicide prevention trial in Melton and Brimbank we helped coordinate.

Overview – Victoria's Place-Based Suicide Prevention Trials
Suicide prevention is a shared focus of the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services and the Primary Health Networks, an Australian Government initiative.

The Victorian Government and the six Victorian primary health networks are currently partnering on trials in 12 locations. In the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) region, trials are underway in the high-risk areas of Macedon Ranges and Melton/Brimbank – local government areas on Melbourne’s urban fringe.

The aim is to reduce rates of suicide and improve people’s resilience and wellbeing, and that of their communities. Suicide prevention groups from different sectors have been developing and implementing local responses and evidence-based strategies, and undertook significant activities in 2019–20.

Local stakeholders meet regularly to review local data, and use the LifeSpan model as a guide to develop and prioritise local suicide prevention activities. Key projects and initiatives are described below.

The trials finished in June 2022, but helped to establish systems that will continue to prevent suicide well into the future.

Note: We are also working with the Australian Government and the LGBTIQ community on a National Suicide Prevention Trial for the LGBTIQ community.

Melton and Brimbank Place-Based Suicide Prevention Trial

Key projects and initiatives, developed with the local Suicide Prevention Community Network, are described below.

  • Preventing suicide in gaming venues

    The Suicide Prevention Community Network has commissioned a problem gambling suicide prevention project, which IPC Health is leading. This project aims to increase suicide alertness in five gaming venues across Brimbank.

  • Suicide prevention with Victoria University

  • Increasing knowledge and reducing stigma in general practice

    We’ve worked with the Suicide Prevention Community Network to develop the program, Suicide Prevention Intensive Quality Improvement in General Practice. The six-month program consists of three workshops, each with professional development activities. We’re also working with 10 practices across the region to increase the confidence and knowledge of general practice teams, and to reduce the stigma of talking about suicide.

  • Activities with culturally and linguistically diverse communities

    The South Sudanese Australian Women’s Suicide Prevention Project is a platform for women to share concerns about youth suicide and family stress, explore what support is needed and better understand how to help improve their community’s capacity to prevent suicide. This project is a collaboration between NWMPHN and South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network.

  • Suicide in the Vietnamese community

    The University of Melbourne has completed their project on improving understanding about the impact of suicide on the Vietnamese community in Melton and Brimbank. The university’s team has developed a strategy for localised and targeted suicide prevention activities, provided culturally relevant ‘gatekeeper’ training to community members and conducted a project evaluation.

    More information about the project will be available soon.

  • Building the capacity of the community to respond

    More than 1500 people have now been trained in various suicide prevention education programs including safeTALK, ASIST, QPR, Mental Health First AidCollaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality and Borderline Personality Disorder training.

    Community participants and frontline workers have reported a significant improvement in their understanding of suicide, and in their ability to identify and mange suicide risk and take preventative steps.

    We have also started offering Sport and Life Training (SALT) sessions for sporting clubs, and Black Dog Institute’s Managing for Team Wellbeing training for business leaders.

  • Education and training opportunities

    As part of the Melton/Brimbank Suicide Prevention Trial, we have a range of education and training opportunities available for the community.

Macedon Ranges Place-Based Suicide Prevention Trial

We’re partnering with Macedon Ranges Health to support the planning and delivery of the Macedon Ranges Place-Based Suicide Prevention Trial. Key projects and initiatives, developed with the local Suicide Prevention Community Network, are described below.

  • Community support for people living with mental illness

    Local partners and the Macedon Ranges Suicide Prevention Action Group worked with the Macedon Ranges community, and in particular with those with close experience of mental illness and/or suicidal thoughts, to develop a plan for better community and peer support.

  • Promoting healthier masculinities in the Macedon Ranges

    Local partners identified a need to better understand the dominant ideals of masculinity in the Macedon Ranges.

    This research will consider the extent to which the attitudes and behaviours of men and boys in the Macedon Ranges conform to traditional definitions of what it means to be a ‘real’ man, and how this can put them at greater risk of inflicting or experiencing harm. This project will also identify potential priority interventions for local partners to adopt to promote healthier masculinity and prevent and reduce harmful behaviours.

  • Capacity building

Other suicide prevention and postvention services

We fund a number of providers to deliver local suicide prevention services and support after suicide (postvention). Health professionals can use our System of Care search tool to find out where these services are delivered and who can benefit from them, and access referral pathways and forms.

Health professionals can also find clinical and referral information for local suicide prevention and postvention services on HealthPathways Melbourne.


Seeking urgent help

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 000, visit your nearest hospital emergency department or use any of the following crisis helplines: