To ensure that everyone’s efforts to strengthen primary health care and connect services across the health care system are effective, North Western Melbourne PHN works in close collaboration with clinical and community leaders and representatives. Our standing Clinical and Community Advisory Councils play an essential role, helping to guide our work and ensure our activities are connected to and supported by the communities we serve.

Find a local health service

Need to find a health service near you? The NHSD has a comprehensive list of all types of services, viewable on a Google™ map to make them easy to find. You can also access the NHSD as a mobile app for the iPhone and Android. For more information visit the NHSD website.

Need Help? Learn how to use the NHSD 'Find a Health Service' Search Tool

How to use the NHSD 'Find a Health Service' Search Tool

Click on one of the four service icons in the 'NHSD Find a Health Service' on the right hand side of this page - GP, Hospital, pharmacy or Emergency Department.


Select a service from the drop-down list, e.g. physiotherapy, counselling, occupational therapy.


Type a keyword into the keyword search box, e.g. asthma, diabetes, carer, pain. Enter the postcode or suburb name in the Location field. As you type, the postcode/suburb will appear in a drop-down list. Choose the postcode/suburb you wish to search from the list.

You can further refine your search by ticking a box to apply one or more filters. Click on the 'Search' button to generate your search results.