7 January 2020

Melbourne Health wants to, whenever possible, deliver care to patients in their homes. To achieve this vision, RMH@Home was created to provide patient-centred care in the patient’s home that would otherwise need to be delivered in a traditional hospital ward bed.

The RMH@Home service provides inpatient acute and subacute care for patients in their home environment. It is a comfortable, safe and efficient substitution for in-hospital care for a wide range of conditions. Previously known as Hospital in the Home (HITH) and Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH), these services have now joined with Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) to deliver inpatient-level acute medical, adult rehabilitation and geriatric rehabilitation services in patients’ homes.

Patients are regarded as hospital inpatients and remain under the care of a treating hospital team, receiving the same treatment considerations as they would when staying in the hospital. Please visit our website for more information and how to refer to the program. Referrals warmly welcomed from local general practitioners.


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