10 July 2019

The new Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement (PIP QI) Incentive is coming on 1 August 2019. 

To be eligible to receive a PIP QI payment general practices must:

  • be accredited to claim PIP payments
  • register for the PIP QI Incentive via HPOS (from 1 August 2019)
  • electronically submit data to NWMPHN quarterly; NWMPHN uses the PEN Clinical Audit Tool (also known as CAT4 or PEN CAT) for practices to submit data
  • undertake continuous quality improvement activities in partnership with NWMPHN

A new general practice quality improvement program

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) has designed a new model based on quality improvement. This model represents an exciting new way for our PHN to work with practices in our region and will help your practice meet the requirements for PIP QI.

Even if you aren’t planning on claiming the PIP QI, this model will support you to look at your practice priorities and make improvements, with help from the PHN.

  • Each practice in our catchment will have the opportunity to create a Practice Plan. This plan will identify specific priorities, and objectives that your general practice would like to achieve over 12 months and how we can work with you. Participation in quality improvement activities in line with this General Practice Plan will help you to meet your PIP QI requirements.
  • A dedicated Quality Improvement Program Officer will work with you to tailor your plan to suit your needs and objectives, and how the PHN can support you.

How will this work?

Our new model has three streams of engagement which focus on working on quality improvement with practices at different stages.

Level 1: Practice Improvement

For practices that are not accredited – focused on developing systems for quality improvement. 

What is included?

  • A dedicated Quality Improvement Program Officer as the central contact for the practice.
  • A Practice Improvement Plan to identify specific priorities and objectives that you would like to achieve over 12 months and how the PHN will work with you. Participation in quality improvement activities in line with this General Practice Plan will help you to meet your PIP QI requirements.
  • In-practice support to explore and identify opportunities from your Practice Improvement Plan.
  • Support and assistance based on your Practice Improvement Plan to:
    • Implement and respond to policy reforms (such as My Health Record, PIP QI and SafeScript)
    • Get the best from your general practice and business systems, such as how to maximise available funding, MBS, PIPs, HealthPathways, accreditation and practice software systems.
    • Prepare for your first Accreditation.
  • Access PHN-funded services such as the mental health system of care to support patients and your practice.
  • Access to data extraction tools and general practice data reports.

Education and resources

  • Face-to-face education sessions close to work or home, or by webinar, so you can access continuing professional development (CPD) when it suits you.
  • A library of online resources and toolkits with practical methods and strategies to implement in your practice.
  • Subscription to our new General Practice Newsletter to keep you connected to relevant news and events.


  • Tenderlink registration – so your practice can apply for PHN-funded projects and activities.
  • Local networking events for practice managers and practice nurses.
  • Regional networking events to bring together general practitioners and the whole practice team, allied health and pharmacy.
Level 2: Continuous Quality Improvement

Focused on data driven improvement. For accredited practices that share data and are new to quality improvement, or confident to implement quality improvement at their own pace. 

What is included?

All of the above in Level 1, plus:

  • In-practice support to explore and identify improvement opportunities, guide you through improvement methodologies and review and monitor progress.
  • Support to complete a self-directed improvement activity on a specific practice focus area. Participation in this self-directed QI activity will help you to meet your PIP QI requirements.
  • Access to online forums for collaboration.

Data, software and training

  • CAT PLUS software (CAT4 and Topbar) tools (saving practices up to $2750 every 12 months) – submission of data to NWMPHN through CAT4 will help you to meet your PIP QI requirements.
  • Training on CAT4 and Topbar held at your practice or at NWMPHN.
  • Quarterly general practice data benchmark reports show how your practice is performing and benchmarking against other practices in the NWMPHN region on a range of improvement measures.
Level 3: Intensive Quality Improvement

A six-month intensive facilitated quality improvement project for up to 30 practices at a time that want to further improve patient, clinical and whole-of-practice outcomes. For accredited practices that share data. 

What is included?

All of the above for Levels 1 and 2, plus:

  • An intensive quality improvement program – you will undertake a specific structured quality improvement project that will engage the practice team and show improvements in outcomes. Participation in this QI activity will help you to meet your PIP QI requirements.

Data and review

  • Regular benchmark reports showing how your practice compares to other practices on the improvement measures relevant to the specific improvement project.


  • Three collaborative workshops run by specialists or subject-matter experts to upskill on specific clinical areas. Time at these workshops to test out QI processes, share ideas, challenges and successes.
  • Opportunities to showcase your activities and be recognised as quality improvement leaders.
  • Learn about how quality improvement can assist in: improved patient experience, improved provider experience, creating sustainable businesses and improving whole-of-practice outcomes.

Where can I find more information?

 Fact sheet – our new general practice quality improvement program

  • This new approach to working with general practice commences in July 2019. Visits will be booked with all practices to discuss how this model can best work for you. If you would like to start the conversation now call us on (03) 9347 1188 or email primarycare@nwmphn.org.au.
  • NWMPHN is running two information sessions on PIP QI for all interested practices on 31 July and 8 August. Register for those sessions here:

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