5 April 2019

We are undertaking a project exploring GP’s experiences responding to reproductive coercion. Reproductive coercion refers to a group of behaviours that intend to control a woman with regards to reproduction.

Contraceptive sabotage, pregnancy coercion and controlling the outcome of a pregnancy are all forms of reproductive coercion and often occur alongside other forms of abuse in a relationship.

This type of abuse is under-recognized, but we know that women who experience reproductive coercion are much more likely to come into contact with health professionals than women who don’t experience this abuse.

As part of this research we are aiming to understand how primary care clinicians identify and respond to this type of abuse. We invite you to join with us for this study to help improve outcomes for women.

We ask that any shared antenatal care GPs, or GPs who can prescribe medical termination of pregnancy medication to participate in a confidential interview with a member of our team.

The interview can be conducted either by telephone or face to face, at a time convenient to your busy schedule. Interviews take approximately 20 minutes and all interview data will be de-identified.

To register your interest in the project or to gain more information about the project please contact: molly.wellington@unimelb.edu.au
Ethics ID:1853440.1

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