15 September 2020

Doctors For Nutrition, a registered health-promotion charity led by medical and dietetic professionals, has launched a toolkit to assist health professionals with evidence-based guidance on healthy, sustainable eating patterns.

Dr Adrian Griscti, a rural GP for over 33 years and Doctors For Nutrition Advisory Council member, welcomes the launch of Doctors For Nutrition ‘Plant-based nutrition and health: A guide for health professionals’.

“We’d all agree that diet is the number one decision you make for your health each day. Health practitioners play an important role in inspiring and supporting people to improve their diet and longer-term quality of life,” he said.

“In just 10 minutes, you’ll be informed about the benefits of shifting to a more whole food plant-based eating pattern, how it is linked to reduced rates of chronic disease and the range of positive outcomes for those who adopt these changes. It provides evidence-based guidance on healthy, sustainable eating patterns,” Dr Griscti said.

The guide includes practical tools such as a quick diet survey to find easy areas for improvement. There are also useful support tools for patients such as a two-page patient handout and dietitian-designed shopping list.

Free access will be available to health professionals and the general public from 16 September 2020 at doctorsfornutrition.org/professionals. More evidence-based information on whole food plant-based nutrition across all life-stages can be found at doctorsfornutrition.org

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