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COVID Positive Pathways

Primary care management of COVID-19 patients in our region.

Page last updated: 5:30pm, 29 September 2022

Please note: From 1 October 2022 the Victorian Government’s COVID Positive Pathways (C+P) Program is providing outbound clinical and social intake assessment of priority populations only. Non-priority populations will be directed to the National Coronavirus Helpline and connected with primary care for support if they need it, in line with the nationally standardised approach to managing COVID at home.

Refer to our latest update for more information. This page will be updated soon. The information below relates to the C+P program prior to 1 October 2022.

Background information

The COVID Positive Pathways (C+P) program is the Victorian statewide program for assessment and management of COVID-19 patients.

Public hospitals, primary and community health care providers, Primary Health Networks and GPs offer pathways that are relevant and responsive to each local service system and population. The C+P program is coordinated by the Victorian Department of Health.

Our Local Public Health Unit map is available to help you understand the local C+P catchments. Clinicians may wish to use this information to get in contact with other pathways programs to either:

  • refer patients who are known to you but reside in another catchment area; or
  • to follow up on patients known to you. For example: a confirmed case (from being a close contact of a current patient) who you wish to confirm is in a care pathway.

There are 2 localised C+P programs operating in the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) region:

  • West Metro Health Service Partnership C+P program (covers most of the NWMPHN region)
  • North East Metro Health Service Partnership C+P program (covers smaller sections of the north and central parts of the NWMPHN region)

More information on these localised C+P programs is available below.

West Metro Health Service Partnership C+P program

A care pathway for patients who are COVID-19 positive is active in the western metropolitan region of Melbourne. This pathway began in a pilot phase from 3 August 2020. This pilot informed the statewide guidelines for management of COVID-19 and supports continuity of care with patients’ usual general practice. Clinical and referral information is available on HealthPathways Melbourne.

The pathway was co-designed by the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), cohealth, NWMPHN and the Victorian Department of Health, supported by PwC. Western Health, Djerriwarrh Health Services, Mercy Health, the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Health have also joined this pathway.

The pathway is designed to provide safe, high quality care, including community-based care for low risk COVID-19 positive patients, with escalation mechanisms to higher levels of care if required.

  • Patients who are well or mildly unwell are allocated to the self-care pathway.
  • Low-risk patients remain at home and are predominantly managed by GPs.
  • Medium-risk patients remain at home and receive frequent monitoring by the local health unit and/or local Hospital in the Home service.
  • High-risk patients are admitted to hospital.

Visit HealthPathways Melbourne for more information on risk stratification.

Resources for the West Metro COVID Positive Pathway

  • COVID Monitor

    What is COVID Monitor? 

    COVID Monitor has now replaced the REDCap system for patient monitoring.

    COVID Monitor is a secure, online portal that allows you to view all of the patients enrolled in the model from your practice in one, clear dashboard.

     Access COVID Monitor.

    COVID Monitor allows practices to:  

    • view a list of COVID-19 positive patients associated with your practice – those in low-risk GP care but also visibility of those in the medium and high risk categories
    • see individual patient details including timelines (such as swab date) and symptom history 
    • set up scheduled follow up if required  
    • request discharge from program  
    • enter symptoms on the patient record as part of your consultation (a PDF is available for upload into your clinical documentation system or you can cut and paste directly into clinical notes)   
    • view patient reported symptoms (if a patient chooses to enter them – patients in the low risk stream are no longer sent daily reminders to complete these) .

    Please note that patients will appear on COVID Monitor if they have a positive PCR, or have submitted details of a positive RAT. Only patients who are not stratified into the self care stream will be on COVID Monitor.

    Access to the system 

    Access to the system is by 2-factor authentication (an email and password then a secure pin). To ensure that all practices are able to access the system we are setting practices up with a generic log in, using a practice email that can be used from go live. 

    It is strongly encouraged that each user at the practice (GPs, nurses, practice managers) who is involved in managing and coordinating care for COVID-19 patients registers with a unique log in. This will allow the secure PIN to be sent to individual emails, and allows for any notifications about patients to be sent by SMS.  

    Training and support 

     General Practice User Guide (.pdf)

    Instructional videos

    Please note that these resources have not been updated to reflect that patients in the low risk stream are no longer sent daily reminders to report symptoms.

  • Local Public Health Unit Map

    The Local Public Health Units (LPHUs) provide a new statewide system of public health delivery and oversight. They include key health service organisations working together to achieve a strategic and supportive approach to COVID-19 contact tracing, care pathways and vaccination.

    View map of the LPHU

  • HealthPathways Melbourne

  • Feedback and questions

    We are keen to hear from practices who have feedback, concerns or queries about how the model is working for you and your patients. Please email us:

North East Metro Health Service Partnership C+P program