Stay healthy, get vaccinated against COVID-19

We are working with local doctors, infectious disease specialists, health services and community leaders to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
Stay healthy, get vaccinated – Cantonese
Stay healthy, get vaccinated – Dinka
Stay healthy, get vaccinated – Hindi
Stay healthy, get vaccinated – Mandarin
Stay healthy, get vaccinated – Vietnamese
Stay healthy, get vaccinated – multiple languages with English subtitles
Dr Jeannie Knapp – making an informed decision

When enough of us get vaccinated against COVID-19, life will be better for everyone.

Getting vaccinated protects yourself and your loved ones. When enough of us are vaccinated, we’ll be able to travel freely again and hug our friends and family. Businesses will open, more people will have jobs and our kids will be able to go to school.

It’s also really important that we look after each other and our mental health during the pandemic. Support is available. Talk to your GP or contact HeadtoHelp to talk to a trained mental health professional who can find the best available support for you.

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Let’s do this, Victoria. Get vaccinated so we can live life free from COVID.

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