Hepatitis C in NSP settings

25 Feb 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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This free training aims to provide participants with the confidence to initiate conversations around Hep C in the needle and syringe program (NSP) setting and provide referrals to testing and treatment.


Frontline workers in NSP settings have a crucial and unique role to play in eliminating Hep C. Every day, you’re talking to people who might be living with Hep C. By sharing messages about testing and treatment, you can support people to protect their health.

Target Audience

Frontline workers in primary, secondary and pharmacy NSP services; including health education officers, peer support workers, needle and syringe program workers, social workers, nurses, administration officers, pharmacists, and pharmacy assistants.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe risk factors for Hep C, enabling discussions with people around prevention and harm reduction
  • Describe Hep C testing and liver disease assessment
  • Recognise the treatment options for Hep C
  • Identify your local referral pathways for linking people to Hep C testing and treatment
  • Communicate confidently with people about Hep C testing, treatment, and follow-up processes in the NSP

Workshop Presenters

Chloe Layton, Nurse Coordinator, EC Partnership, Burnet Institute

Steven Taylor, Accredited Workplace Trainer.

The course will be delivered in two parts:

Part 1 consists of a 1-hour eLearning component introducing the learner to the topics of testing, management and treatment of HCV in addition to how to provide education in the NSP setting.

Part 2 consists of a 2 hour interactive online workshop building on the knowledge and skills gained in Part 1 through practical case discussions and referral pathway mapping.


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