Vulnerable People Targeted Community Activities



Funding Amount

17 October - 21 December 2022









Rates of COVID-19 vaccination among some population groups in our region are lower than the state average. This funding provided an opportunity to support equity of access to vaccinations for vulnerable populations.  

Activities were tailored to specific population groups and location. Examples included:  

  • Direct engagement and information sessions with targeted populations to reduce vaccine hesitancy and improve vaccine uptake. 
  • Short-term pop-up vaccination clinics.   
  • Daily or short-term visits to community settings to engage with hard-to-reach groups.   
  • Outreach activities for people living in high-risk accommodation. 
  • Working with multicultural women’s groups to inform culturally and linguistically diverse individuals.   
  • Partnering with multicultural organisations and local councils to connect with identified at-risk communities. 
  • Linking with women’s organisations that provide homelessness and specialist family violence support.  


The key objective of this activity was to ensure continued access to COVID-19 vaccinations for populations having difficulty accessing them or identified as under-vaccinated.  

It capitalises on established, trusted relationships and local partnerships with at-risk populations, as well as with individuals who cannot or do not wish to attend other vaccination sites. Through direct engagement, information sessions and services provided in safe spaces, the chance of success in reaching and vaccinating at-risk cohorts was expected to increase. 

Services involved