30 June 2019


30 June 2021



North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) has engaged Carers Victoria to develop and deliver an innovative approach to improve social connectedness for people experiencing poor health outcomes in the Hume and Wyndham regions.

NWMPHN recognises the role that social connectedness can have on health and wellbeing. It has been found that loneliness and social isolation are as bad as smoking and obesity for our overall health.

With a focus on carers of family members/friends with a disability, mental illness, chronic health issue or age-related condition, the program being delivered by Carers Victoria will provide participants:

The Carers Victoria team

The Carers Victoria team.

  • A group cognitive reframing program (4-6 sessions)
  • Individualised social connection activity planning and support
  • Follow-up support to address issues that may have emerged and reinforce positive change

The program will be informed by a co-design process being undertaken with carers to ensure the service effectively meets client needs.


The outcomes of the program are:

  • Improved participants’ health and wellbeing
  • Improved participants’ social connectedness and to decrease loneliness
  • Improved participants’ motivation to make changes to address barriers inhibiting social participation
  • Improved participants’ confidence to engage in social activities
  • Participants gained an understanding of individual belief system relating to interpersonal relationships

Services involved

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