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North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) has funded the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) to implement the Pharmacists in General Practice program in the north western region of Melbourne.

(L-R) Rachael (NWMPHN – support), Jiamin (general practice pharmacist), Maggie (practice manager), Amy (NWMPHN – contract manager)

The program brings together elements of workforce capacity building, chronic disease prevention and management and Quality Use of Medicines principles.

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Program Objectives

  • Improve quality use of medicines by patients and clinicians
  • Optimise prescribing in general practice
  • Improve patient medication literacy and adherence

Service specifics

The services provided by pharmacists in general practice varies between practices, but generally includes:

  • Patient-focused activities such as identifying and resolving medication use and safety problems, medicines education and medicines reconciliation and improving relationships with other care providers including community pharmacists.
  • Staff-focused activities such as practice staff education sessions, answering medication information queries.
  • Practice-based activities such as Drug Utilisation Reviews (criteria-based evaluation of drug use to help ensure medicines are used appropriately at the individual patient level) and advice on prescribing according to evidence-based guidelines


Expected project outcomes and progress (June 2018 – August 2018)

Improved individual patient health outcomes (i.e. blood pressure and cholesterol levels, HbA1C)

  • 55 blood pressure measurements taken
  • 30 blood sugar measurements taken
  • 313 patient consultations

Improved patient medication adherence

  • 67 medication adherence assessments

Improved prescribing practices and reduced inappropriate polypharmacy

  • 9 drug utilisation reviews
  • 27 inappropriate drugs identified
  • 9 adverse drug reactions identified
  • 50 deprescribing activities

Increased and enhanced interprofessional relationships between practice pharmacists and other health care professionals

  • 471 referrals from GPs
  • 319 recommendations accepted by GPs
  • 135 collaboration activities with team members
  • 34 medicine queries answered

Services involved

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