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Recall patients for a COVID-19 booster vaccination

About this activity

Use the QI template below to identify and recall patients for a COVID-19 booster vaccination.

Increase the percentage of patients who have had a COVID-19 booster vaccination.
Pen CAT4 measure: Percentage of patients with a COVID-19 booster vaccination recorded.
Improvement ideas
  • Adopt the ‘every patient every time’ mantra to ask your patients if they are aware of booster dose availability, discuss their importance, due date and how to access an appointment.
  • Consider a broad email or SMS campaign to inform your patient base and make it easy for them to book an appointment.
  • Put a poster in your clinic’s waiting room to remind patients about booster doses. Posters and other resources are available on the Australian Department of Health website.
  • Use Pen CAT to recall patients who are due for their booster dose (if the dose was given at your practice – unfortunately Pen CAT won’t pick up vaccines given elsewhere).

Download the QI template below for more improvement ideas.

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